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We Provide Comprehensive Card Acquisition Solution via Internet!

Our services are customized to suit the companies and online shops which cannot fully realize their business goals by using traditional payment methods. Online payment by cards is the only truly global manner of payment, so that Merchants can use it to sell their goods and services in any country worldwide. Our technical solution enables partners to start selling their products immediately – without having to open a separate bank account or invest into the infrastructure. All necessary equipment and software required for acquisition of payment cards on the online sale point shall remain the property of Chip Card. This means that the process of payment (entry of payment card data) will be performed on secure pages of Chip Card, whereas you, as a Merchant, shall be released from any security duties imposed by card organizations. You are solely expected to integrate your Internet portal with our payment system by using the technical manual and our technical support team‘s services. Having in mind that no additional investment in infrastructure or equipment is required, nor opening of a separate Internet Merchant account, your access to the network is very simple, and the time required for market penetration much shorter.

Chip Card offers to the Merchants who already have their online points of sale possibility to use a comprehensive card acquisition solution throughout MSU application.

Acquisition of payment cards of various systems: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express

Online authorization: protected processing of e-commerce transactions;

Offline administration: access to Internet portal where all administrative queries can be made, control of transaction status, collection of previously approved authorizations, creation of reports and realized transactions;

Reporting and Aalysis of Reports

Chip Card transfers assets to the Merchant’s account within 2 working days

Provision of secure Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

When a transaction is processed, the Merchant directs the buyer to the Chip Card‘s page where secure card data entry is performed by the user. In that manner, the following goals are realized:

  • The Merchant does not have data about the card and it is released from duty of meeting strict security requirements prescribed by the card companies;
  • Chip Card develops new functionalities and adjusts the existing ones with the requirements of VISA, MasterCard, thus enabling the Merchant to focus on its main business activity

Technical integration manual

By using Technical manual made by our team, the Merchant connects its online sale point to MSU payment platform;

During the whole period of integration, the Merchant has our team‘s technical support, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every working day;

Regarding all issues about integration, the Merchant can write to e-mail address:;

Online shop manual

By following the Manual for work of Web shop, you can harmonize your Web shop with all requests of both card organizations and your buyers. Using the Manual you provide your buyer with a sufficient level of information to gain confidence in you and continue shopping.

3D Secure technology

Set of standards on online payment security serving to prevent any misuse (MC Secure Code and Visa Verified by Visa);


Chip Card acquires and updates new versions, so that Merchant does not have to incur any additional expenses;

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards – set of standards referring to card information security introduced by Card organizations;

PCI DSS Level 1 certificate issued to companies processing more than 6 million transactions a year. By using MerchantSafe Unipay, you‘ll act in compliance with PCI DSS standards with no additional costs;

Additional Functionalities


Enable your Customers to Pay in Installments without Interest!

Tokenization – Secure saving of card data for easier and faster repeated purchases.

After your customers choose to have their card saved, there is no re-entry of all of the card data at any next purchase. The payment process is shorter and your customers are more satisfied!

Recurring payments

Monthly debiting of accounts by a certain amount. Ideal for subscriptions and membership fees. Money is automatically taken from your buyer’s account at specified and predefined intervals!

Pay by Link Payments

The Merchant can create the order for its Buyer and send an e-mail link leading him/her to the secure card info entry page and payment!

Realization of the Payment Card Acquisition Service

Required steps for realization of the online payment card acquisition service:

  • The Merchant is Applying for Services;
  • Chip Card and Merchant together go through the basic elements of the business model;
  • Chip Card and Merchant sign Agreement on business-technical cooperation;
  • Chip Card delivers to the Merchant necessary documentation, opens an account on test Chip Card eCommerce system and sends parameters required for successful integration;
  • Based on delivered documents the Merchant independently connects the Online shop with ChipCard eCommerce system;
  • Upon successfully connection, Chip Card tests the Merchant’s Online shop;
  • Upon successfully executed testing of the Online shop, production work regime starts.