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Chip Card enables complete card acquisition solution to Merchants without opening a special account at the bank and without investing in the infrastructure!

Latest news

eTrustmark day #2

On September 20, 2018, the second eTrustmark Day was organized at Asseco-SEE premises by PAYTEN LLC and CHIPCARD JSC . Like the former, it served as a great opportunity for all e-Merchants in Serbia to get acquainted with the current e-commerce topics and get advice from experienced lecturers on how to improve their business.

eTrustmark Day #1

Payent LLC and Chip Card AD, as eTrustmark partners, organized on June 14th at the premises of PayTen the first ever eTrustmark Day – an eCommerce consulting for e-Merchants on current topics and problems they face in practice. Some of the topics of this first meeting were: How to adapt domestic eCommerce to the upcoming GDPR, Which are new, affordable Internet payment channels in Serbia, as well as presenting research on the affinities and habits of domestic Internet customers.

18 years of E-TRGOVINA conferences

Like in previous years, this year CHIP CARD AD, as one of the sponsors, actively participated in the 18th conference eTrgovina 2018, in the official part of the Conference Program, on the topics of e-business in Serbia. E-Trgovina Conference is the largest gathering of e-commerce in Serbia, dedicated to the monitoring of emergence and development of domestic regional e-commerce and e-business markets. It covers all areas of electronic business.