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System Description

Integration of merchants is executed via software solution MerchantSafe Unipay (MSU). MSU is online payment solution developed by Asseco SEE. This solution offers the safe, easy and favorable experience of payment both to clients and merchants. While clients (card owners) enjoy safe benefits of e-wallet solution and flexible payment on the pages for online payment, merchants can manage payment without any contact with data on cards, so that they remain in compliance with PCI DSS regulations, by which risks of frauds are removed and financial data are safely stored.


MerchantSafe Unipay (MSU) is built on a powerful and safe communication protocol. MSU API is a set of instructions in compliance with standard HTTPS Post requirements. We use a certificate delivered by Verisign. SSL encryption guarantees that you communicate with our servers and that your data are transferred in the encrypted form. The client does not need to have an SSL certificate. When we receive the request, we check the encryption level. Merchants are allowed to connect with us only in safe https regime by using SSL v3. This enables 128-bit encryption.

Аpi Requests

A request towards MSU API is executed by sending a POST HTTP request to MSU API Endpoint URL. Each HTTP POST request sent to API URL should have a set of parameter value pairs encrypted within the request, depending on the type of request which has been sent.

API supports all platforms and languages which can implement HTTP Post methods.

Test environment

API test environment is available and all types of API applications can be tested by using MSU API Test URL. All API requests should be sent to this URL address by using the HTTP POST method.

Production environment

After executed integration and successfully completed testing, the process is replicated to the production environment, by which the Web shop is ready for operation..


Technical Integration Manual

Guide for Operation

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